A worm is a program designed to replicate.

The worm program may perform any variety of additional tasks as well.

Worms are programs that run independently and travel from computer to computer across network connections.

Worms may have portions of themselves running on many different computers.

Worms don't change other programs, although they may carry other code that does.

Characteristics of Worms

The characteristics of a worm is listed here:

  • Worm is able to replicate
  • Worm is self-contained and doesn't require a host
  • Worm is activated by creating process (Worms needs a multitasking system)
  • If worm is a network worm, then it can replicate across the communication links

How Worms Spread ?

Worms are autonomous agents capable of propagating themselves without the use of another program or intervention or action by a user.

Worms are found primarily on computers that are capable of multitasking and are connected by a network.

Damage that Worms can cause

Most worms disrupt services and create system management problems.

Some worms scan for passwords and other loopholes and then send the information back to the attacker.

In some cases, worms can install Trojan horses or viruses that cause damage to the system.

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