Sharing through Network

Network is only made to share one information to other. Therefore network provide an easy and flexible means of sharing.

There are three types of sharing which are:

  • Peripherals. Peripherals are little expensive. It is impractical for each network's computer to have both its laser printer (for quality printing) and dot-matrix printer (for all general printouts). A main frame may have one of each connected to it allowing all users controlled access in a cost effective manner.
  • Multiuser system's users can share and exchange their information in a many ways. For example, sending of electronic mail or having controlled access to some files or database
  • In a traditional time sharing system, all control is performed centrally, it means if the processor fails then the whole system fails. If the failure of one node should not have a domain effect on the rest. This is called distributed control and is very lively area of research at present

Networking Online Test

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