Local Area Network LAN

LANs stands for local area networks.

Local area networks (LANs) are defined as small computer networks that are confined to a localised area such as an office, a building, or a factory etc.

Purpose of LAN

The key purpose of a LAN (local area network) is to server its users in resource sharing.

The hardware as well as software resources can be shared through LANs (local area networks). For instance, LAN (local area network) users can share data, information, programs, printer, hard-disks, modems, etc.

LAN Configuration

In a typical LAN configuration, one computer is designated as the file server. It stores all of the software that controls the network as well as the software that can be shared by the computers that are attached to the network.

Computers that are connected to the file server are called as workstations.

The workstations can be less powerful than the file server, and they may have additional software on their hard drives.

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