Bits Per Second BPS

Bits per second (in short, bps) refers to the speed at which data transfer is measured.

Bits per second or bps is generally used to measure the speed of information through a high speed phone lines or modems.

Important - Bytes per second are denoted as Bps. Please notice the capital B. Small b i.e., bps stands for bits per second.

Here the table given below describes both the form of bps, i.e., bps and Bps:

Short Full
bps bits per second
Bps Bytes per second

Here is another table describes different forms of bps:

Rate Denoted by Full Notice
The rate of a thousand bits per second kbps kilo bits per second Small k in kbps
A rate of a thousand bytes per second Kbps Kilo bytes per second Capital K in Kbps
A rate of a million bits per second mbps mega bits per second Small m in mbps
A rate of a million bytes per second Mbps Mega bytes per second Capital M in Mbps

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