JavaScript onreset Event

The onreset event in JavaScript is defined with a form and is triggered when the fields of form are reset.

JavaScript onreset Event Example

Here is an example demonstrates onreset event in JavaScript:

   <title>JavaScript onreset Event</title>

<h3>JavaScript onreset Event Example</h3>
<form onreset="alert('Welcome to! onreset event is triggered when user clicks the RESET button.')">
   Name:<input type="text" name="name" value=" "><br/>
   Branch:<input type="text" name="branch" value=" "><br/>
   College:<input type="text" name="clg" value=" "><br/>
   Address:<input type="text" name="adr" value=" "><br/>
   Email Id:<input type="text" name="eid" value=" "><br/>
   <input type="reset" value="RESET">


Here are some sample output of the above onreset event example in JavaScript. This is the initial output:

javascript onreset event

Now fill all the field as shown in the following snapshot:

javascript onreset event example

After filling all the fields, just click on RESET button to reset all the field. Here is the sample output produced after clicking on the RESET button:

onreset event js

Now click on OK button to reset all the fields, here is the snapshot after clicking on OK button:

onreset event

Here is the live demo output produced by the above JavaScript onreset event example.

Email Id:

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