JavaScript Multimedia

JavaScript navigator object includes child object which is called as plug-ins. This object is basically an array, with one entry for each plug-in installed in browser.

JavaScript Multimedia Example

Here is an example, lists down all the plug-in installed in your browser:

<title>List of Plug-Ins Installed</title>
   table,th,td{border:1px solid black;}

    <th>Plug-in Name</th>
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
   for (i=0; i<navigator.plugins.length; i++)


Here is the output produced by the above JavaScript Multimedia example code. This is the output produced in Safari browser:

javascript multimedia

This is the output produced in Google Chrome browser:

find plug in installed in browser javascript

This is the output produced in Mozilla Firefox browser:

javascript multimedia example

Here is the live demo output produced in your current browser (you are using). The above JavaScript Multimedia example code will display the following result (all the plug-in installed with their name, filename and description):

Plug-in Name Filename Description

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