Java Keywords

Java language provides currently 50 keywords. These keywords, combined with the syntax of operation and separators, form the foundation.

Java Keyword List

Here this table lists all the 50 Java Keywords :

abstract continue for new switch
assert default goto package synchronized
boolean do if private this
break double implements protected throw
byte else import public throws
case enum instnceof return transient
catch extends int short try
char final interface static void
class finally long strictfp volatile
const float native super while

Java Keywords Example

Following Java program uses some keywords :

/* Java Program Example - Java Keywords
 * This program uses some keywords

class JavaProgram        // class keyword here
    public static void main(String args[])    // public, static, and void keywords here
        int a, b=10, c=5;       // uses int keyword here
        for(a=0; a<c; a++)      // uses for keyword here
            System.out.println("i am " + a);
        if(b == 10)             // if keyword here
            System.out.println("What a pleasant surprise..!!");
        else                    // else keyword here

When the above Java program is compile and run, it will produce the following output:

java keywords

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