HTML Data Types Defined by W3C Specifications

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W3C is an international community that develops standards to ensure long-term growth of the Web. W3C Specifies the following five additional data types for HTML :

HTML DateTime Format

DateTime uses ISO date format (ISO 8601), that is (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD). The components of the given format are defined in the following manner :

HTML RGB Triplet

RGB triplet represents three standard colors, which are Red, Green, and Blue. All the possible colors can be formed with the combination of these three colors in different intensities and proportions.

All colors can be represented by a six digit hexadecimal number, such as (xxyyzz), where :

HTML Color Names

In HTML, 16 colors can be called directly by their color names rather than their hexadecimal values. This feature makes it easy for the users of HTML to call a color by its name, if they are unware of its hexadecimal number and the concept of the RGB triplet. To get code of all colors, then refer HTML Color Codes.

Name of 16 Colors

Following table represents 16 colors names along with their hexadecimal values :

Color Name Hexadecimal Value
Black #000000
Silver #C0C0C0
Gray #808080
Maroon #800000
Green #008000
Lime #00FF00
Olive #808000
Yellow #FFFF00
Red #FF0000
Purple #800080
Fuchsia #FF00FF
Navy #000080
Blue #0000FF
Teal #008800
Aqua #00FFFF

HTML Link Types

Link types are used to provide a variety of information to search engine. You may use the various recognized link types, with their conventional interpretations. These link types are not case-sensitive, which implies that you can use both the lower case and the upper case characters to represent a link type. The whitespace characters such as space, tab, carriage-return, linefeed, formfeed, vertical-tab, and newline characters are not permitted within link types.

There are the following link types available in HTML :

HTML Media Types

Media types enables us to specify how to present the HTML documents on different media, such as paper, computer's screen, or an aural browser. HTML5 allows us to use the CSS properties to display the text of an HTML page in different font types, colors, and font sizes for different media.

There are the following available media types :

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