HTML Text Formatting with Physical Style Tags

HTML uses physical style tags to change the appearance of text. If you want your text to appear in a particular style such as bold or italics etc., you must use physical style tags. For example to ensure that text appear in small font, then you must enclose it between starting and ending tags of the SMALL tag.

HTML Physical Style Tags List

The table given below list and describes Physical style tags used to format the text in an HTML document:

Tag Description
B Displays the text in bold
I Displays the text in italics
SMALL Displays the text in small font size
SUB Displays the text as subscript
SUP Displays the text as superscript

HTML Physical Style Tags Attributes

The table given below list and describes all attributes of physical style tags available in HTML used to format the text in an HTML document.

Attribute Description
class Indicates a class name for a tag
dir Indicates the directionality of the text, such as left to right or right to left
id Indicates an unique id for a tag
lang Indicates the language code for the content in a tag
style Indicates an inline style for a tag
title Specifies a title for a tag

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