HTML Working with Links and URLs

In HTML, hypertext refers to a point of references for detailed taxt on the same or different Web pages. Generally, a hyperlink is an underlined word or phrase or can also be an image or icon that contains a specific address of a Web page. The address is provided in the hyperlink in the form of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which is a unique address allotted to every Web page. With the help of URL, you can navigate to the specific Web page.

Hyperlinks also allows you to access the main system of you computer. For instance, most of the websites provide an e-mail adddress to users to contact website administrator or to send any query, suggestions, and comments regarding the respective website. This e-mail address is provided on a Web page in the form of hyperlink. When a user selects that hyperlink, a new mail message window automatically appears on the screen, in which the user car write the query or suggestion in that window and sent it to that e-mail address.

You can also access various news groups or blogs over the Internet with the help of hyperlinks by providing the URL of a news group and blog.

This chapter is divided into the following two parts :

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