The KBD tag is used to display the keyboard input text in a Web page.

The KBD tag can also be used to identify the other inputs, such as voice commands.

When you use the KBD tag, you need to define the keyboard input text between its starting and ending tags. The Web browser changes the font of the text to Courier New.

You can also change the font of the keyboard input text according to your requirement with the help of the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Example of KBD Tag

Following is an example of using the KBD tag :

<P>To open the Task Manager, press <KBD>CTRL</KBD> + 
      <KBD>ALT</KBD> + <KBD>DELETE</KBD>.</P>

In the above example, CTRL+ALT+DELETE are the keys of the keyboard, which displayed in the Courier New font on the Web browser.

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