HTML Interactive Web Tags

Interactivity is the process of presenting the information on the Web page and allowing the users to communicate with that Web page.

An interactive Web page allows a user to easily perform the tasks related to the content of the Web page, such as retrieving the details of an article or executing commands using the radio buttons or check boxes.

You can display the content on a Web page by using the different elements that help the users to interact with the Web page. For instance, if your Web page contains an article, then you can display the name of the author, publishing the date, and summary of the article using the DETAILS and SUMMARY tags.

You can also display a menu on your Web page by using the MENU tag, which provides a list of options to the users, such as Home, About Us, and Contact.

Sometime, you need to display keyboard shortcut keys in the content of your Web page for the users.

By default, HTML displays the textual content as plain text. As a result, users might not be able to identify or differentiate between the shortcut keys specified in the content and the normal text. In this situation, the KBD tag proves to be very beneficial as it changes the font style of the shortcut keys.

You will learn about all these interactive web tags in HTML one by one divided into following tutorials:

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