HTML Working with Images Colors and Canvas

While creating a website, developers try to make it as attractive as possible by providing the information in an effective and reader friendly manner.

A website provides information in the two forms, namely text and images. Information presented in the form of images is easier to retain for users in comparison to the information written in plain text.

HTML provides a tag named IMG which is used to add or insert images in a Web page. You can use images in various forms, such as a logo, a diagram or an icon. You can also apply an images as a background of a Web page or website.

In addition to images, you can use different colors in the content of your website to change its appearance. This can be done by using one of the following three ways:

  • color names
  • Hexadecimal (Hex) value
  • Red Green Blue (RGB) value

To further enhance the appearance of a website, HTML also provides CANVAS tag. This tag allows you to make your images more appealing by changing their brightness and contrast. You can also draw 2D shapes and graphs on a Web page by using the CANVAS tag.

This tutorial is divided into the following three parts:

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