HTML Form Tags

A form is an area on the Web page that consists of plain text, HTML tags, and controls. Plain text and HTML tags are used to structure the form, whereas, controls, which are also known as form fields, are used to make the form interactive by allowing a user to enter the information.

You can create a form in a web page using the FORM tag.

Attributes of the FORM Tag

The following table describes the attributes of the FORM tag :

Attribute Description
action Refers to the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the program in the server that processes the form
autocomplete Enables the autocomplete feature in a form
accept-character Refers to the character set in the form that can be accepted by the server
enctype Specifies how the information in the form should be encoded before sending it to the server
method Specifies how the information is sent from the browser to the server
name Refers to the name of the form
novalidate Specifies that the form should not validate while submitting
target Opens the action URL in the specified target, such as in the same window, in a new window, or in a new tab

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