HTML allows you to embed plug-ins in a Web page using the EMBED tag. This tag lets you embed multimedia in a Web page and play it while opening the page.

The EMBED tag is supported by Internet Explorer as well as Netscape Navigator. It is also supported across the Windows and Mac platforms.

The EMBED tag uses the three mandatory attributes, namely src, height, and width.

Example of EMBED Tag

Following is an example of using the EMBED tag.

<EMBED src="Music.mp3" width=600 height=100></EMBED>

In the above example, we have defined the src attribute to specify the source multimedia file to be played while the Web page loads in the browser. We have also defined the height and width attributes to specify the height and width of the embedded multimedia component in the page, respectively.

Attributes of EMBED Tag

Following table lists various attributes of the EMBED tag in HTML.

Attribute Description
height Specifies the height of the embedded component
hspace Sets the horizontal padding around the tag
type Specifies the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) type for the components
width Sets the width of the embedded component in the page

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