HTML Citations Quotations and Definitions

Here you will learn about Citations, Quotations, and Definitions in HTML. Let's start with citations in HTML

HTML Citations

A citation is used to display the text in a format that is different from the normal text. The text embedded within the citation element is normally displayed in an italic form. A citation is normally required to quote the statements or remarks of an author. The citation element is defined by an opening <CITE> tag and a closing </CITE> tag.


HTML <cite> element is used to specify the work's title in an HTML document. Here is an example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>HTML Citation Example</title>

<img src="img1.jpg" width="150" height="70" alt="citation">
<p><cite>HTML Citation</cite> - This is HTML Citation Example</p>


Here is the sample output produced by the above HTML citation example code:

html cite for work title

HTML Quotations

The quotation tag is used to quote the text within the quotation marks. You should note that quotation marks are used when you reproduce someone else's statement in your document. The quotation tag is starts with an opening tag <Q> and ends with a closing tag </Q>

To learn more about HTML Quotations, then refer to HTML Quotations tutorial.

HTML Definitions

The definition element is used to list the definition of various terms. The definition tag is composed of the following three tags :

  • DL - Represents a definition list that is used to list the number of definitions
  • DT - Represents the terms in a definition
  • DD - Represents the definitions of the terms

HTML Citations, Quotations, and Definitions Attributes

The following table contains the attributes for citation, quotations, and definitions tags :

Attribute Purpose
class Defines the name of element
dir Defines the direction of the paragraph written from left to right or from right to left
id Defines the value of id
lang Defines the language in which the paragraph is writte
style Defines an inline style of the element
title Provides an extra information about the element
Onclick Performs an action on a mouse click
Ondblclick Performs an action on a double-click
Onkeydown Performs an action on pressing of a key
Onkeypress Performs an action when the mouse is clicked and released
Onkeyup Performs an action when a key is released
Onmousedown Performs an action on pressing of a mouse button
Onmousemove Performs an action on the movement of a mouse pointer
Onmouseout Performs an action when the mouse pointer moves out of the element
Onmouseover Performs an action when the mouse pointer moves over the element
Onmouseup Performs an action when mouse button is released

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