How to Become a Hacker

This post has been published to provide information on how to become a hacker, as well as a demo hacking post at the end of this post to provide an idea behind hacking.

What is a hacker?

Someone who breaks into computer systems to steal information is known as a hacker. A "hacker" is someone who makes an effort to breach computer security.

Who is a hacker?

A programmer with even a modicum of skill can be considered a hacker. A hacker is someone who actively seeks out and uses vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks for malicious purposes.

Essential skills to become a beginner hacker

For the time being, you have some knowledge or ideas about hackers, such as what a hacker is and who the hackers are.

In today's technological landscape, even the most novice computer user aspires to one day become a hacker. They see themselves in the world of hacking and want to join it. The ability to hack into a computer system is the key to unlocking its many possibilities. This means that once you've mastered hacking, you're free to do whatever you want, whether that's good or bad.

Therefore, if you want to become a hacker, you should follow the steps below, which will not only tell you what basic knowledge and essential computer skills you need to become a hacker, but also explain why you need them.

Therefore, becoming a skilled hacker entails learning to avoid detection at all costs. If you want to start hacking, you need to know the following.

With the knowledge presented here, you can consider yourself a beginner hacker. If you've learned the above, you're a beginner hacker and can get started with some basic hacking techniques.

The only way to master hacking is through hands-on experience with the tools and techniques you learn. The same website can be hacked in different ways, so you'll need to come up with your own method.

Now that we have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of hacking, we can turn our attention to developing the more advanced abilities that will set us apart as ethical, professional hackers.

Essential skills to become an ethical hacker

Many different areas of computer science knowledge are needed to become an ethical hacker.Given that hacking is a game of fever rather than day and night, this is especially true.You need to develop an insatiable desire to hack, like a fever, in your mind.Once you've assimilated these ideas, nobody will be able to stop you from entering the world of hacking.To develop into a proficient and advanced hacker, you need to know and be able to do the following:

Ethical hackers need a background in computer science. Since hacking is more of a fever game than a day and night endeavour, this is especially pertinent. You have to get a feverish craving to hack into your brain. Your entry into the world of hacking will be blocked by no one once you have absorbed these ideas.

Now, let's break down each of the aforementioned abilities that would help you succeed as an ethical hacker.

Computer Fundamentals: The starting skill of hacking

how to become a hacker

Knowing the basics of computers is a prerequisite for any computer professional, but I believe you already possess this knowledge. I'm going to assume you know the basics of computers since you're following along with me online. While not strictly necessary, it is recommended that aspiring hackers familiarize themselves with computer hardware, such as chips such as bladeRF, LF/MF/HF/VHF Transverter, and others, which reveal the inner workings of computers and allow hackers to make modifications. This information is useful, but only as a supplement to your understanding of the aforementioned core subjects.

Programming Language: Basic Hacking Skills

essential skills to become a hacker

Any competent hacker will have a solid grasp of at least one programming language. No one can become a hacker if they don't know how to code or write code. Learning how to program will help you instruct the computer to carry out your desired tasks. There is no direct line of communication between you and your computer, so all information must be conveyed via code or a program. By using your program, you can instruct the computer to carry out any task you specify. Therefore, you cannot assign any work to a computer if you do not know how to program or write code.

Learning to program a computer enables you to create your own instructions for it. The more advanced your programming skills, the more complex tasks you can delegate to a computer. This will allow you to devote more time to hacking.

While there are many languages from which hackers can choose, including Java, C++, Python, C#, and Objective-C Programming, C is the language of choice.

Many experienced hackers are fluent in the C programming language; picking C will put you on the path to hacking expertise. C is fast like assembly, it's related to UNIX, and it's popular among hackers, so we think it's a good choice. Most hackers use C as their primary programming language. C is the only language used in its development of UNIX. Learning C entails learning UNIX commands. Study C programming, or review what you know if you've already done so.

HTML: Basics of Internet Hacking

basic skills to become a hacker

Study up on HTML coding. Knowing HTML is also crucial if you want to enter the world of hacking. When you study HTML, you learn how to create Web pages for use on the World Wide Web. When you know HTML, you'll be able to recognize the structure and function of websites and their input forms, where visitors are asked to provide information. Because of this, you will be able to learn about every page on the web.

Consequently, mastering HTML is essential for aspiring hackers. Learnability in HTML is high because of its straightforward nature. Learning HTML will be fun for you because it will reveal the secrets of web page creation. Making your own webpages or websites is also possible with HTML. Because of this, once you know how to write HTML, you can modify hacked web pages.

Networking: Hacking over the Network

become a hacker

Networking is also an essential skill that helps you become a hacker. So, learn wireless technologies to become an advanced hacker. There are a lot of wireless technologies available to learn about. But to become a hacker, you have to learn some of the most widely used wireless technologies for hacking purposes, which are listed below:

Learn all the above wireless technologies to become an advanced hacker. After learning all the above-mentioned topics in wireless technologies and any programming language like C, you can start wireless hacking.

Therefore, knowledge of wireless technologies is also essential to becoming an advanced hacker because it will help you hack routers, wifi, wireless signals, and many more. You can also hack the internet speed of any router through which many users are connected. To finish, you can steal internet speed from other users.

SQL or MySQL: Database Exploitation

sql insert multiple data snap for example

To become a database hacker or an account hacker, you have to learn either one of the two. We recommend you learn SQL, but MySQL is also widely used for hacking purposes. SQL helps hackers steal information from databases. SQL also helps to create, update, delete, modify, etc., data from the database.

Therefore, to become an account, data, or database hacker, you must know about SQL or MySQL. Since all the customer's or user's information is stored in the database, like email id, password, username, DOB, customer name, customer id, customer account number, etc., Therefore, start learning SQL or MySQL to become a database or information hacker. But after learning SQL or MySQL, you must learn how to decrypt anything. because all secret information is encrypted and stored inside the database To hack or steal, you must first understand how encryption and decryption work (cryptography is the topic that will teach you how encryption and decryption work).

PHP: Information Server Hacking

become a server hacker

Before telling you how PHP helps to become a hacker, we will make you aware that PHP is deep enough to run the world's largest social networking site, "Facebook,"  and PHP is powerful enough to be the core of the biggest blogging system on the web, "WordPress."

Learn PHP to become a hacker and play with servers over the web. Since PHP scripts run on the server, to become an advanced hacker, you must first learn PHP. PHP is used to create dynamic web pages. So, learning PHP means learning how dynamic web pages work over the internet. PHP can also help you connect input form information to the database to store and retrieve information from the database, so this will also help you become a hacker of email accounts and more.

Before learning PHP, you have to get some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But HTML knowledge is mandatory before learning about PHP. To become a hacker or to steal information from databases that are on the internet, you must learn PHP. Hackers are using PHP for hacking purposes. Since PHP helps hackers control user access, it also helps hackers add, delete, modify, and update data in the database with MySQL. But hackers mostly used PHP to retrieve data from the database. PHP helps hackers hack most of the things that are present on the internet that are related to users. So, to become an advanced hacker, you must learn PHP. PHP is simple and easy to learn. You will enjoy learning PHP. If you want to start learning PHP to become a hacker, then you can find the php tutorial here in simple and easy steps to learn in a short time to save your time and follow the next topic to become an advanced hacker.

Python | A Popular Hacking Language

become a database hacker

Python knowledge is also required for becoming a hacker.Python is also a scripting language like PHP. Python is an object-oriented programming language. Python also supports database access, which helps hackers hack information present inside a database. So, to become a hacker, Python is also an essential computer topic. Python is also a simple and easy scripting language to learn in a short time.

Python is well suited for beginner programmers. Since its program structure is simple and well designed, any beginner programmer who does not have any knowledge of programming can start learning Python to help become a hacker. Python is also widely used by hackers. since it also provides database access, which helps hackers hack or steal information from the database. You will enjoy learning Python since its code structure is simple and well designed so that any beginner programmer can start learning.

JavaScript: A necessary skill for internet hackers

become a smart hacker

To become a smart hacker, you must learn about JavaScript. Since JavaScript tracks users' details over the internet, if you want to become a hacker who can't be caught by anyone after hacking, or, in short, a smart hacker, JavaScript will help you. JavaScript is widely used on the Internet to track user data. Before learning JavaScript, you must have a basic knowledge of HTML.

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language. JavaScript is basically designed to create network-centric applications. JavaScript is simple and easy to learn. JavaScript is a critical computer topic for hackers to understand in order to become hackers. But it is not so necessary that you can't become an advanced hacker without JavaScript. So, without JavaScript, you can become a hacker, but we recommend you learn not all but some basic knowledge about JavaScript, which will help you increase your hacking knowledge.

UNIX: Advance Hacking

become an expert hacker

To become an advanced hacker, you must learn all the essential commands that are used by hackers or for hacking purposes. There are numerous commands available to hackers or those interested in hacking.UNIX is totally written in the C language. That's why we recommend you learn the C programming language to become a hacker. After learning the C programming language, you will find that UNIX commands are easy to learn to become a hacker. Without knowledge of HTML and UNIX commands, you can't become an internet hacker. To become an internet hacker, you must be familiar with UNIX commands as well as HTML. You should learn C++ programming since it will also help you for hacking purposes.

To practically become a hacker by learning UNIX commands and performing UNIX commands on your own. Since some knowledge is practically required to become a hacker, some hacking can also be done by the hacker just by using some UNIX commands.

UNIX-based operating systems are widely used by computer hackers. Almost all the UNIX-based operating systems were made by hackers. Learning UNIX means learning hackers. UNIX is hard to use since it runs on commands. To become a hacker, UNIX is the best option. All advanced hackers know UNIX commands. More advanced hackers know more UNIX commands. There are many UNIX-based operating systems available, but some of the main ones that are widely used by hackers are listed below:

The above-mentioned operating systems are widely used by hackers. But the most widely used operating system by advanced hackers is Kali Linux. Kali Linux is an advanced operating system, especially used by hackers. A normal user can't handle this operating system. If you are serious about becoming an advanced hacker or master hacker, then just go for Kali Linux. For beginner UNIX users, Ubuntu is recommended. After getting some basic knowledge of Ubuntu, you can go for Kali Linux (an advanced hacker's operating system) to become an advanced computer hacker. BackTrack5 is also an advanced operating system for hackers, but Kali Linux is an updated version of BackTrack5. You can also go for BackBox and other UNIX-based operating systems for hacking purposes, which are listed. But Kali Linux is the most advanced operating system and is widely used by hackers.

Cryptography: Expert Hacker

become an advance hacker

To become an expert hacker, you must learn about cryptography. Since cryptography teaches you how encryption and decryption work, you can become an expert hacker. Because you must know how to decrypt the file or other that you are going to hack in order to break an advanced system or hack an advanced and secured protected system.

After having knowledge of all the above-mentioned computer topics, you have to learn about cryptography. Because you must first decrypt anything encrypted before you can begin hacking.To become an expert hacker, you must first understand cryptography.Cryptography teaches you about many algorithms that are used to encrypt and decrypt files. There are a lot of encryption and decryption algorithms you can learn. There is no recommendation here for hackers to learn only these topics.It depends only on you. The more strong your knowledge of cryptography, the stronger a hacker you will become.

After learning all the above computer topics, to become a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Because many people have extensive computer knowledge but are not hackers, The reason behind this is that they are not thinking like hackers. So follow the steps given below to become a hacker after gaining the above knowledge.

Think Creatively

To become a professional hacker, you must first acquire the knowledge and skills listed above, and then apply your newly acquired knowledge in an imaginative way. You need to think creatively like a hacker because hackers are like artists. You have to imagine a time when you had access to our knowledge or code and figure out how to crack a secure system. It's possible to begin creating your own viruses and anti-viruses. Viruses can cause a wide variety of issues, not just the deletion of files or a halting of the operating system. An example of this would be a back account hacker who inserts a virus on the bank's server to automatically retrieve the customer's details and account number, and who then uses this information to make automatic money transfers to his or her account. To hack or to put one's knowledge to use in hacking, one must use their imagination. You can also adopt the mindset of a "white-hat" hacker, someone who works with the government to discover security flaws in the system.

Solving problems with love

A passion for problem-solving is essential for any aspiring hacker. Since a hacker will hack into anything, they will also find the answers. Since they wouldn't be hackers if they didn't enjoy figuring out complex issues, it stands to reason that all hackers have a passion for finding answers. A hacker's skill can be developed through problem solving. As a general rule, the less time a hacker has to figure out a solution, the more skilled he or she will be.


Everyone aspires to join the ranks of hackers because, unlike anyone else in the digital realm, hackers are free to act on whim. This effectively removes all restrictions on hackers in the field of computer security. Produce some freely available code that can be used to further the hacking community's education. Launch a debugging effort, which will also aid hackers in locating software flaws. Join hacker-centric online communities and offer your assistance to those who are struggling.

Today's successful hackers know that the key to their success is finding people with problems online and helping them. Consequently, if you want to make it as a hacker, you need to help those people out, find more people who have problems, and then help them out as well. As you help others, your understanding of hacking will grow, and you'll soon be in a position of authority. Therefore, perseverance is essential for aspiring hackers. To perfect your hacking skills, you need only put in more time to practice. Focus solely on your one goal, which should be to enter the hacking profession. As was previously mentioned, learning to hack is not something that can be accomplished in a single sitting. Consistent training is the only way to learn new skills and advance in your hacking career. As you put in more time and effort, your hacking skills will improve and you'll reach a higher level of proficiency.

A police officer and a burglar also exist in the virtual world of computers. The police are like white-hat hackers in the world of computer security, while the thieves are like black-hat hackers. You can either become a criminal ("black hat hacker") or an enforcer ("white hat hacker") (a "white hat hacker"). Hackers can be classified as either "white hats," who work for the government or legitimate businesses, or "black hats," who work for themselves or their peers and profit from their exploits.

A white-hat hacker's job is to keep the bad guys out of the government's computer networks. If you want to take things a step further and become a "black hat hacker," you can steal data for financial gain. Email addresses are vulnerable to hacking. Anything a malicious hacker could do is open to you. However, the risks are higher and nobody will recognize you. In contrast, if you opt to take the "white-hat" route, you'll build a solid reputation without putting yourself in harm's way. Many businesses will offer you a higher salary if you apply to them. The more skilled a hacker you are, the more you'll be paid.

Therefore, you should think about becoming a "white hat" hacker. You already know that "white hat" hackers help the government catch "black hat" hackers, and that they are analogous to police or military personnel in the real world of computer security.

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