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What is Computer ?

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You can define computer as

Or you can say that a computer is a general purpose electronic machine used to manipulates raw facts according to a set of instructions (program) that are fed into it.

What you can do with computer ?

You can perform operations on computer system using some set of instructions. This set of instructions are also called as computer program computer will output/display some results according to your performed operation on it.

Meaning in Computer World

In computer world:

Finally you can define a computer as an electronic data processing machine that can be used for a wide range of activities. Here activities means storing data, processing data, retrieving data and many more etc.

There are two basic types of computer as given below:

  1. Analogue computer
  2. Digital computer

Now let's briefly define the given two types of computer.

Analogue Computer

Analogue computer process information of physical nature such as temperature, pressure etc.

Or you can says that an analogue computer is a computer that is used to operate with numbers represented by directly measurable quantities.

Digital computer

Digital computers process information which is essentially in the form of 0 and 1.

Almost everyone talks about digital computer while talking about computer.

There are 4 types of digital computers:

  1. Micro computers
  2. Mini computers
  3. Mainframe computers
  4. Supercomputers

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