C Input Output Functions

Input Output functions in c are used to perform input output tasks such as to scan input or to send the data to the screen, to write to a file or to read data from the file etc. So learn here all the input output functions available in c programming one by one. All input output functions will be taught with the help of examples. There are about 50 input output functions you will learn about.

The header associates with all the input output functions is <stdio.h>. This header defines several macros and types used by the file system. The most important type is FILE, that is used to declare the file pointer. Two other frequently used types are size_t and fpos_t. The size_t type, that is some form of unsigned integer, is the type of the result returned by the sizeof. And the fpos_t type defines an object that can uniquely specify each location within file.

EOF is the most commonly used macro that is defined by the header, which is the value that indicates the end-of-file.

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