C Loops

In C, loops allows a set of instructions to be repeatedly executed until a certain condition is reached. However, the condition, may be predetermined (as in for loop) or open ended (as in while and do-while loops).

C Types of Loops

C allows the following three types of loops:

C Infinite Loop

In C, you can use any loop statement to create an infinite loop.

Here is an example program of infinite loop in C.

/* C Loops - The infinite loop */

void main()

      printf("*  ");


As you can see, when the condition expression is absent, then it is assumed to be true.

Here is the sample run of this C program. The printing of stars(*) continue forever.

loops in c

C Loop Control Statements

There are three types of statements that controls the loop in C, these are:

More Examples

Here are some more examples that you can go for:

C Online Test

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