BCA Semester-Ist - Principle of Management Syllabus

Here you will find the syllabus of third subject in BCA Semester-Ist, which is Principle of Management.

Important - The syllabus may vary from college to college.

Principle of Management Units

This course/subject is divided into total of 6 units as given below:

  1. Nature of Management
  2. Evolution of Management Thought
  3. Functions of Management Part-I
  4. Functions of Management Part-II
  5. Management of Change
  6. Strategic Management

Now let's expand the above listed units with its syllabus.

Unit-I Syllabus - Nature of Management

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-I, that is nature of management:

  • Meaning
  • Definition
  • Nature and Purpose
  • Importance and Functions
  • Management as Art
  • Science and Profession
  • Management as Social System Concepts of
    • Management
    • Administration
    • Organization
  • Management Skills
  • Levels of Management

Unit-II Syllabus - Evolution of Management Thought

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-II, that is evolution of management thought:

  • Contribution of
    • F.W.Taylor to the management thought
    • Henri Fayol to the management thought
    • Elton Mayo to the management thought
    • Chester Barhard & Peter Drucker to the management thought
  • Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
    • Concept
    • Shift to Ethics
    • Tools of Ethics

Unit-III Syllabus - Functions of Management Part-I

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-III, that is functions of management part-I:

  • Planning
  • Meaning
  • Need
  • Importance
  • Types
  • Process of Planning
  • Barriers to Effective Planning
  • Levels advantages & limitations
  • Forecasting Need & Techniques
  • Decision Making Types
  • Process of Rational Decision Making
  • Techniques of Decision Making
  • Organizing
  • Elements of Organizing & Processes
  • Types of Organizations
  • Delegation of Authority Need and Difficulties
  • Delegation Decentralization
  • Staffing Meaning & Importance
  • Direction Nature and Principles
  • Communication Types & Importance

Unit-IV Syllabus - Functions of Management Part-II

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-IV, that is functions of management part-II:

  • Motivation Theories and Importance
  • Leadership
    • Meaning
    • Styles
    • Qualities
  • Function of Leader
  • Controlling
    • Need
    • Nature
    • Importance
    • Process & Techniques
  • Total Quality Management Coordination
    • Need
    • Importance

Unit-V Syllabus - Management of Change

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-V, that is management of change:

  • Models for Change
  • Force for Change
  • Need for Change
  • Alternative Change
  • Techniques
  • New Trends in Organization Change
  • Stress Management

Unit-VI Syllabus - Strategic Management

Here are the topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-VI, that is strategic management:

  • Definition
  • Classes of Decisions
  • Levels of Decision
  • Strategy
  • Role of different Strategist
  • Relevance of Strategic Management and its Benefits
  • Strategic Management in India

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