BCA Semester-VIth - E-Commerce Syllabus

Here you will find the syllabus of third subject in BCA Semester-VIth, which is E-Commerce.

Important - The syllabus may vary from college to college.

E-Commerce Units

This course/subject is divided into total of 5 units as given below:

  1. Introduction and Business Strategy in an Electronic Age
  2. Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce
  3. Internet and Extranet
  4. Public Policy
  5. Infrastructure for E-Commerce

Now let's expand the above listed units with its syllabus.

Unit-I Syllabus - Introduction and Business Strategy in an Electronic Age

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-I, that is introduction to e-commerce and business strategy in an electronic age:

  • Introduction to E-Commerce
    • The Scope of Electronic Commerce
    • Definition of Electronic Commerce
    • Electronic E-commerce and the Trade Cycle
    • Electronic Markets
    • Electronic Data Interchange
    • Internet Commerce
    • E-Commerce in Perspective
  • Business Strategy in an Electronic Age
    • Supply Chains
    • Porter's Value Chain Model
    • Inter Organizational Value Chains
    • Competitive Strategy
    • Porter's Model
    • First Mover Advantage
    • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Competitive Advantage using E-Commerce
    • Business Strategy
    • Introduction to Business Strategy
    • Strategic Implications of IT
    • Technology
    • Business Environment
    • Business Capability
    • Exiting Business Strategy
    • Strategy Formulation and Implementation Planning
    • E-Commerce Implementation
    • E-Commerce Evaluation

Unit-II Syllabus - Business-to-Business E-Commerce

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-II, that is business-to-business electronic commerce:

  • Characteristics of B2B EC
  • Models of B2B EC
  • Procurement Management Using the Buyer's Internal Marketplace
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Other B2B Models
  • Auctions and Services from Traditional to Internet Based EDI
  • Integration with Back-end Information System
  • The Role of Software Agents for B2B EC
  • Electronic marketing in B2B
  • Solutions of B2B EC
  • Managerial Issues
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • EDI: The Nuts and Bolts
  • EDI and Business

Unit-III Syllabus - Internet and Extranet

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-III, that is Internet, Extranet and EPS (Electronic Payment System):

  • Internet and Extranet
    • Automotive Network Exchange
    • The Largest Extranet
    • Architecture of the Internet
    • Intranet software
    • Applications of Intranets
    • Intranet Application Case Studies
    • Considerations in Intranet Deployment
    • The Extranets
    • The structures of Extranets
    • Extranet products and Services
    • Applications of Extranets
    • Business Models of Extranet Applications
    • Managerial Issues
  • Electronic Payment Systems
    • Is SET a failure
    • Electronic Payments and Protocols
    • Security Schemes in Electronic payment systems
    • Electronic Credit card system on the Internet
    • Electronic Fund transfer and Debit cards on the Internet
    • Stored-Value Cards
    • E-Cash
    • Electronic Check Systems
    • Prospect of Electronic
    • Payment Systems
    • Managerial Issues

Unit-IV Syllabus - Public Policy

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-IV, that is public policy: from legal issues to privacy:

  • EC-Related Legal Incidents
  • Legal Incidents
  • Ethical and Other Public Policy Issues
  • Protecting Privacy
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Free speech
  • Internet Indecency and Censorship
  • Taxation and Encryption Policies
  • Other Legal Issues
    • Contracts
    • Gambling and More
    • Consumer and Seller Protection In EC

Unit-V Syllabus - Infrastructure for EC

Here are the list of topics that comes under the syllabus of unit-V, that is infrastructure for EC:

  • It takes more than Technology
  • A Network Of Networks
  • Internet Protocols
  • Web-Based Client/Server
  • Internet Security
  • Selling on the web
  • Chatting on the Web
  • Multimedia delivery
  • Analyzing Web Visits
  • Managerial Issues

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